The Date

Режиссеры Debanjan Paul

Сценаристы Debanjan Paul

Продюсеры Film and Television Institute of India

Жанр Family Drama, Drama, Relationship, Values, Family Values, Children, Children Film

Продолжительность 00:05:00

Страна Индия


A 14 years old boy and his stepmother must come out of their predominant mindset of step mother-son relationship or else they would keep blaming their relation of being a step one.The incident happens on a date when they rediscover their relationship and everything changes for Jayson and his stepmother. It is Jayson's biological mother's Birthday and the story revolves around a stepmother and son relation where the stepmother (Karen) and son (Jayson) tries to behave like any biological mother-son. There is love, fight, care, annoyance, affection and disagreement between them which is normal with a mother-son relation but how Karen and Jayson connects everything to a step mother-son relation and blame on it.