Режиссёры andrea falaschi

Сценаристы andrea falaschi

Продюсеры andrea falaschi

Жанр noir, horror, fantasty, historical, occult

Продолжительность 00:26:31

Страна Италия


Rome, 86 A.D. The slave Lucius, in the service of the cruel and greedy Tullius Murena, is elected Princeps Saturnalia during the Saturnalia celebrations. In an upside-down world where slaves can behave like free men, the slave takes the opportunity to take revenge on his master, ordering him to bring him some wine. Tullius, however, stumbles and pours the wine on the ground and is mocked by the entire city. Once the feast is over, the cruel man takes vengeance on his slave. The goddess Laverna will save Lucius and entrust him with the task of taking his revenge, in the name of Saturn.