Slow Death

Режиссёры Amen sahraei

Сценаристы Amen sahraei

Продюсеры Amen sahraei

Жанр Drama, thriller, social

Продолжительность 00:12:00

Страна Иран, Исламская Республика


In a dark night a young girl( talaat)'s Mother and brother are at home.Before going to bed, Talaat tells a frightening tale for her brother to joke.Her brother is scared to go to the kitchen and get water. So talaat goes to water for him.But when she returns to the room, her Mother and brother have disappeared .she is scared, suddenly a woman and a man enter the room, Talaat does not know them.they tell talaat has alzheimer's and they are her boy and her doughter in low. ar the end Talaat sees in the mirror and finds herself old.