Режиссёры tanvir

Сценаристы tanvir

Продюсеры sudip bhattyacharjee

Жанр horror

Продолжительность 00:10:45

Страна Индия


Zahir,a selfish,ill mannered,unsocial person lives in a city for achieving his own goals.sania,a simple,caring zahir's wife lives in a village has hardly any contact with her husband.suddenly,the village becomes dangerous as hell as it is attacked by zombie virus ( Infection).sania,desperately contacts her husband to be her saviour but zahir being selfish behaves pretty much the same.zahir has no faith in god and is not affraid of death but he confronts with a harsh reality eventually.Child boy is a Rooh , use for Soul or Spirit. The word 'Rooh' is originated from Arabic, Persian, Punjabi and Urdu languages. ( e.g. Every body has 'Rooh' inside the matter body, and when this Rooh disconnected permanentally the person is pronounced dead)zombie meaning a person who seems only partly alive, without any feeling or interest in what is happening.they eats alive person. Here zombie is significant for oppressive classes of society and humans are ordinary illiterate people.