Coconut Castle

Режиссёры Theo Garcia


Продюсеры Theo Garcia, Zoe Almon Job

Жанр Sci-Fi, Romance

Продолжительность 00:23:05

Страна Франция


In a near future, Raj spends his days connected to the Network. Through VR headsets, he accesses an ultra-realistic virtual world, a cyber space far from adult life. He and many others his age play and interact freely within this world where the rules are their own. To Raj, the Network is not a game — it is an alternative to "real" life, in which takes place his secret romance with Laia. Together they have created a world to their image, sheltered from the outside, a unique place where their budding love can grow. This space of freedom exists against the government’s will. The anti-nets have been multiplying attempts to shut the Network down, to the point of damaging the system. More and more unstable, this virtual paradise threatens to fade away, carrying with it the immaterial ties between Raj and Laia.