Reasoning Eyes

Режиссёры Paolo Cipolletta

Сценаристы Paolo Cipolletta

Продюсеры Diego D'Ambrosio, Raffaele Iardino, UNCOSO Srl

Жанр Drama

Продолжительность 00:07:00



An ambiguous sunset envelops Naples and the three stories that unfold over a night that promises to be fire, mud and blood. A man wanders through unhealthy fumes carrying a heavy load. A young man handles explosive material with mastery, while, limping, a third man drags a bloody bar with him. At first glance the scenery seems to be the darkest and classic prodrome of a criminal night. It is only by sharpening the sight that one realizes that the spark that comes from the hands of the young man is nothing but the fuse of an expert fireman in love with his work, the bar is not dirty with blood but only one of the indispensable tools for the work of a master winemaker. Finally, the mud, carried with difficulty and with which the legs of a young woman are covered, is nothing but a precious sulphurous earth from which to take care and beauty. Sometimes, that's not all it seems. Sometimes. Yes...