Режиссёры Simone A. Tognarelli




Продолжительность 00:04:00

Страна Италия


Corps-Machine has a double meaning: it refers both to the human body-machinery ambivalence, and to the camera body, devoid of lenses and therefore needs inserts to give shape to the look. A look that belong here to the dance... the movement of the performer is the echo of that mechanism that no longer triggers for the iron and rust corpses that lie in the factory, which in turn refer to the performance spectral echoes from the their life that has been. There is a symbiosis in existence, a prolongation of the gesture that thus envelops and awakens the mechanisms in the background. Symbiosis that is made evident by that code, that given label, which seals a necessary union, the screwing of a lens to fix a picture of our experience and sculpt it over time.