A Day by the River

Режиссёры Freilinger Isabella, Gabriel Sahm

Сценаристы Isabella Freilinger

Продюсеры Isabella Freilinger, Gabriel Sahm, Oliver Hoffmann


Продолжительность 00:06:52

Страна Германия


In this short film, we decided to conduct an experiment: We sent seven very different people on a scavenger hunt through the city of Speyer. Divided into three teams of two to three people, their mission was to explore this city, which happens to be situated by a river Rhein. Can this day on the riverside bring together complete strangers?Thrown into a format somewhere between a blind date show and a scavenger hunt, our protagonists get to discover and explore the unknown beauty and depths of the historically relevant city of Speyer and its river, the Rhein. We came up with a game-like concept, especially tailored to the local idiosyncrasies.