Режиссеры Mehmet Oktay Buğa

Сценаристы Mehmet Oktay Buğa

Продюсеры Mehmet Oktay Buğa


Продолжительность 00:09:50

Страна Турция


A station on the train road, passing through a small town in Anatolia. A family, living across the station. The female individual of the family passes away. In the same time, a sheep gives birth. After the death of the mother, the father and the daughter who are left behind starts to live the funeral process. Visits to home are took place. The death is washed. The burial process is completed. There is one last thing to do now. According to their traditions after the death, the father and the daughter sacrifice a sheep. The sheep sacrificed, is the one who gives birth in the moment the mother dies.