Режиссёры Md.Ariful Islam

Сценаристы Md.Ariful Islam

Продюсеры Md.Ariful Islam

Жанр Drama

Продолжительность 00:07:52

Страна Бангладеш


Hira, who is a student of film making course, suddenly meet up with rini who studied in theater, in the elevator of the film institute. Rini has blocked Hira from her Facebook and phone. Hira knows that she joined TV course and stays in dormitory. Hira meet Oishee friend of rini while visiting the dormitory to meet Rini. Oishee said that Rini currently has three lovers. Hira falls in love with Oishee. Oishee tells her friends that she is in love with Hira to get an opportunity to act in his films, because Hira is the future filmmaker. A month later the course of Oishee was completed. One day before the departure of Oishee, during the dating of Hira and Oishee, Oishee said that she will act in the drama and film directed by Hira. According to Hira, she will act only if she fits with the character, not the other. Oishee brokeup love relationship with Hira. Like Rini, Oishee blocked Hira on Facebook and mobile phones.