ASHRU-A silent story of child

Режиссёры Dinesh zala

Сценаристы Dinesh zala

Продюсеры World faces films


Продолжительность 00:05:00

Страна Индия


A four year old boy is absolutely poor; he does not have good clothes to wear, and he is sitting in the same place where he is sitting from a herose, a brother, his sister, who was twelve years old, used to leave school. And that girl gave this boy one thing to eat. This boy was never smiling at the face and every day saw this siblings and his constant attention was on that girl's shoes. One day the girl's brother realizes that this boy loves shoes and he Seeing this boy, he used to think that this boy is watching every time my sister's shoes and why one day this boy is sleeping. It is morning time, this boy is in deep sleep, and when his eyes open, The grandmother sees a box lying there. Suddenly she gets up and sees that box open, then the new shoe gets out in her. When she sees, tears come in her eyes, and she sees that she does not see any more then she looks at her feet and in her feet He looks at the victim and then he wears that shoe, he does not want to wear it properly, but then he tries to jump and stand up. And her eyes get tears and smile together