a meditation over the loneliness of Mr. Y

Режиссёры ARYO KK

Сценаристы ARYO KK

Продюсеры ARYO KK


Продолжительность 00:19:08

Страна Индия


This film is a cinematic correspondence, in the form of subjective documentation of the character’s external quest, to inner vague human desire of the character. This film vaguely touches on the point of duality of space and time and tries to look at the idea of repetition and recollection as a window to reflect on life and somehow on the essence of life. The character Y tries to assume a neutral position so as to look at the both side of the fence. It however does not summarises on the very idea of repetition and recollection as the desired window, neither makes any comparison out of it. The film comes across as a journey of an effort to make sense of these fleeting reflections which appears to be like dots connecting and falling apart at the same time, forming and reforming the circle of certain truths that the character believes to be central to his existence but missing as if it has never been there but it never dies down.