It's Not Over

Режиссёры Ilham El Alami

Сценаристы Adnane Mouhejja

Продюсеры Adam Majdoul, Driss Roukhe

Жанр Drama, Romance, Fiction

Продолжительность 00:16:00

Страна Марокко


Houda a young beautiful woman who tries so wellwhen bad to balance his life between his worknurse and her house. She takes care of a manwho suffers from general paralysis.She lives in a circle that repeats every day.Locked on herself, no one knows herreally in the building. It is compatible with aneighbor whose husband has been missing for a long timetime. She wants to help, but she herself has aeven heavier weight.Houda is a discreet and silent woman. Shetries to keep her life secret, as if she is ashamedof the state of the man she deals with. Shetake care of him like a baby. Both nice andsometimes aggressive. But what's wrong in thislittle family, is that the man tries to flee despite hisstate of immobility. what can lead a man who is well treated to flee?