Road Nss'A

Режиссёры Chaymaa Dkhissi, Nabil Ammora

Сценаристы Chaymaa Dkhissi



Продолжительность 00:15:00

Страна Марокко


It’s a story of a common passion shared by three moroccan young ladies, Hasnae, Chaymaa and Meriem liking the adventure of hitchhiking.Hasnae and Chaymaa, two travelling friends don’t know Meriem, but all of them know a passion as old as the universe : travelling by hitchiking.The two first travellers are Hasnae and Chaymaa respectively aged 24 and 22. Hasnae a young journalist ; and Chaymaa a student at a Master Specialised in Audiovisual and Digital Contents production start their trip from Casablanca to the Hight Atlas regions. Impregnated by the Hippie culture, the two young ladies will carry out their trips with no penny in their pockets ; running the risk, in this way, to spend their night at strangers’ homes.They will share with us their passion of travelling.The second traveller, Meriem aged 27, a freelance advertising designer in web developing, has opted for carrying out her trips by herself, start her route from her home town Essaouira towards the North of Morocco. We will see her alone on the roads. The three young ladies will tell us about their experience and their resentment. They will account for some clichés they had to face. They will, above all, answer a gnawing questionning : Can, the moroccan woman carry out this kind of adventure without having, necessarily, a man by her side ?