Режиссёры Mehdi Yousefali

Сценаристы Mehdi Yousefali

Продюсеры Mehdi Yousefali


Продолжительность 00:01:44

Страна Иран, Исламская Республика


A disabled woman - sitting on a wheelchair - needs a hand to pick up a product at a store , but there is nobody in the aisle. After a while, a disabled man - who is also sitting on a wheelchair and wears a clown's nose - enters the aisle . The man stands up - he is not disabled - and gives the product to the woman. The voice of a boy is heard calling his father. The man sits on his wheelchair and goes to the boy. The boy is sitting on a wheelchair - a real disabled - and wears a clown's nose too . The father and son are busy with a wheelchair speeding race.