Режиссёры Mahdi Ghorbani

Сценаристы Mahdi Ghorbani

Продюсеры Mahdi Ghorbani

Жанр Drama, Mystery

Продолжительность 00:16:11

Страна Иран, Исламская Республика


Once, when Shiva went home, she found a weird envelope of her sister which contain the sentence: “Do not follow my way" and after a moment she will find her sister while she hanged herself.Shiva that is naive, innocent and conservative is shocked of her sister’s suicide and when she will find her family in the verge of smash up she is looking for the secret of her sister’s suicide and tries to follow the different clues to find out the reason of her suicide.She went to the two friends of her sister and then she will found the diary of her sister and begin to read it. She follows the clues of Nasrin's diary which was about the society and specially her work environment.At first, she thought that her sister commit a suicide cause of financial problems and the family. But when she kept looking and seeking into the companies that she used to work everything will appear after a while. At first, she has been rejected. Then she will come to play an act and make herself more beautiful to have allowance to enter the companies which her sister used to work.Although, she was a girl that resist in front of all the family pressure and force to obey their rules. But now she understood what society want and force her to do that, to be alive, to survive and to be one of those so called successful people.She keeps going forward till un the next company she will be open to the facts and realities, and finally she will lose the borders between her act and her true one.She gets that her sister was under sexual abuse and persecution and so is for her to have her job.Now, she is in a dilemma which cause her a great breakdown.She don’t want to return to her past situation and on the contrary now she knew what actually society wants. Now that she is living under the shadow of her sister's suicide and society force, she find herself in a dilemma which cause her a great breakdown.