Режиссёры Doris Schmid

Сценаристы Doris Schmid

Продюсеры Doris Schmid


Продолжительность 00:15:00

Страна Германия


A kind of journey through the body. Along physical states and perceptions, powers and currents that interact and cooperate.ströme is also a dialogue between image and sound: created in close cooperation between Doris Schmid (Video) and Jürgen Palmtag (Sound artist). There is a silent soundtrack at the beginning of the film, there are also short passages without images that give space to the imaginative power of sound.The film starts in stillness and with a secret, a message, danced and gestured by a messenger. Subsequently and with rising sound, we go on a journey through the close-up of an eye:A canon of nature shots enfolds, moving macro pictures, images of people in different body positions, up to stop trick shots of plant forms. After this, there are close-ups of the inside of the human body. The sections are held together by an assortment of music, ranging from sound recordings to electronic music.The music pushes the “plot” forward, up to concrete pictures of women in gyms, whose physical mastery maintain the world in a state of suspense.Are these images that have faced the film travellers, or are they personifying the travellers themselves, in their passage?