FORTISSIMO (dir. Piguet)

Режиссёры Janine Piguet

Сценаристы Janine Piguet

Продюсеры Thierry Pradervand

Жанр Music, Woman, Female, Comedy, Dramedy, Society, Work

Продолжительность 00:20:00

Страна Швейцария


A pianist arrives in her new flat. But as soon as she rehearses, her neighbour tries everything possible to stop her from playing. The reason : she hates classical music. Soon enough, a sound war starts between the two women, very rapidly involving everyone in the building. The pianist, in a moment of madness plays the same Rachmaninov over and over till she faints, while the rest of the neighbors fight over everyday problems from one window to another. When the police arrive, they witness a crowd of hysterical neighbours shouting at each other and take the side of the pianist, the only one who at that moment, after a moment of intense madness, is playing a serene Mozart piece.