The Assignment

Режиссёры Istvan Pinter

Сценаристы Günther Ettinger

Продюсеры Istvan Pinter

Жанр Action-Thriller

Продолжительность 00:05:28

Страна Австрия


There are three people in a hotel room.The agent should buy diamonds from a dealer and deliver them to his client. Hesits at the table and is busy with the laptop.The lady is sitting bored on the couch. She holds a small lap dog in her arms and leafsin a magazine.The Security (1) is sitting at a different table and is busy with some books.The lady calls room service and orders a glass of Prosecco. She tells me in the morningwas in the travel agency and has booked two airfields with stopovers in Paris.It seems important to the agent how the tickets were paid. He is satisfied that notwith credit card but cash was paid.A three-chime gong announces a visitor. The security (1) carefully opens the door. Outsidethe diamond dealer is standing with a suitcase. Since he has no weapon, the security leaves him (1).The agent is indignant with the delay caused by the dealer with traffic problemsis justified.At the lady's request, the security (1) brings mineral water to the dealer.The dealer presents eight diamonds on a black cloth. He praises his goods, the agentCheck the diamonds with tweezers and magnifying glass.Meanwhile, the room service brings the ordered glass of Prosecco.The agent has selected three diamonds. In the price negotiation he undercuts the ofDealers demanded a price of 5,000 euros.The agent opens the safe, being secretly watched by the lady. He brings thePutting money out of the safe and throwing it carelessly in front of the dealer on the table. Then he puts theDiamonds, tweezers and magnifying glass in a case in the jacket pocket.The dealer says goodbye polite. He is accompanied by security (1).The client calls. He gives the agent instructions for the transfer. After thatConversation is over, the agent leaves the room.The lady opens the safe and takes out the remaining bundles of money. She hands one of themthe security (1), who then leaves the room. She gets ready and goes with theDoggy also out of the room.The agent's car stops some distance from the gate. The driver opens thePassenger door. After the agent has dropped out, the car continues.The agent enters the yard. From an open window on the first floor he is from aSecurity (2) observed to shoot the agent. By the noise of a police siren willthe security (2) distracted. Because of a jam the agent can not do the security (2)shoot. A scuffle begins. The noise is another security (3) attention.He comes out of the house with his pistol drawn out. He has no clear field of fire, pocket the pistoland participates in the scuffle.During the security (3) after a strong blow dazed goes to the ground and oneCalling colleagues in the house to help, the agent kills the security (2). After that he also breaks thatSecurity (3) the neck.The agent enters the house and goes up a staircase. Suddenly he gets another oneSecurity (4) attacked with a knife. The agent learns that he should be killed because heno longer needed. The fight ends, however, for the security (4) deadly.The agent enters the room, the announced briefcase is on the table, but it is empty.Meanwhile, the client has come unnoticed into the room and thanks mockingly forhis services. While he kills the agent with two shots, the lady comes in, grabs theCase of the agent in the suitcase and leaves the room with the client.