Neeya naana never ends

Режиссёры Arunramaiah

Сценаристы Arunramaiah

Продюсеры Sarashwathi


Продолжительность 00:15:49

Страна Индия


Political drama, nonlinear, [09/06, 16:34] Aru: Dialogue[09/06, 17:25] Aru: : Hey don't leave him: Dude we will settle in life if our brother wins the election: We drunk lot but no effect: Yes everything is duplicate ..quarter is not enough .. Ask half.: Yes this liquor is not enough I don't have money: Brother gave only 1000 rs: Don't try to make us fool.Surely 200 to 250 will remain...: Not 200 or 250 he is having 400 rs: Why you people are like this ?: Take the hand from my shirt: He is building the issue: Don't mind them we shall buy a quarter and share it .: Not quarter buy half including for them: For single vote we gave 1000 rs to people ..For us I requested 2000 for one person from brother . I bring the money from him: We shall enjoy after getting money: OK we will wait go and get the money: Will he bring money Shall see. Welcome Bose how are you I am fine brother: Will we win in election?? Why there is a doubt ?? We spent more money like water. .Surely we will win Be careful: OK bro I am leaving: Here he everything OK ..shall we go to drink liquor Our brother don't have money.Is there is any other option that we can do Is it true that our brother don't have any money.[09/06, 19:03] Aru: : wait here, I will come now : Be suspicious of him : Go somewhere : I will come now : Dai dai ... somewhere to go ... midil road ... leave you for a day : do not : guys just 2000 for Rupees do this for money : Radio Song :( Do not let the dried leaves fall in the sun during the winter? : Radio song : (After winning the election) This is what i love to do Kill him ... don't think : Another caste boy is afraid to love our caste : What does our caste boy love : Spend this money ... stay with me in the garden house ... : All right : 2 Days Out : Dai ... he will die : Well done brother : We can eat together ... : This is what we do ... : Come on : Gather the thorns and tell the cargo : All right : Our caste girlfriend, we are married : This is lost where no other caste boy is afraid to look anymore : Friend Only leave? : Your death is an example for all : come guys : Remember everything that was said : Yeah right : coming Councilor : Hello leader : Hello Hello : Good luck : Well, I'm the leader Give the same .... Photo : giving : Congratulations Chairman : Good : Pick up, pick up : B Keep it so : Ah ok brother : : Give a : There is no doubt or change : Okay leader : Sit down and release yourself a little : Ah okay leader I heard ... next grabbing ... don't forget : Um next grabbing is for you ... This grabbing good work : Okay leader ... come leader ... : Ah go ... : Isn't this guy doing a good job? : Yes : Will he become a councilor ... (Laughter) What a brave he is. I have been a MLA for 40 years. This is what got us popularity. Crocodile poisonous plant can not be mercilessly crushed early : 4 years to be a councilor ... I have been betraying myself .. : Brother : What? : Pose is murdered brother is the only riot : Well you go : Councilor arrested in murder case ... Councilor Murthy ... (laughter) I am sure you are happy. (Laughter) You are the next councilor. Everything is political. : * Cough * Leader ... I do not want this councilor position. : All the poisonous plants that have grown under the feet can be mercilessly crushed : All right (Laughter) : How : Political leader you don't know (Laughter) That's why I put a plan ... everything is waiting for you You are my political guru, however In honor of the Guru .... I have decided to make a statue of you The statue of our country will not be alive ... That's enough to greet Everything is a political leader : (Laughter)