The Remains

Режиссёры Manoj Babu Panta

Сценаристы Manoj Babu Panta

Продюсеры Nawa Nidhi Dahal

Жанр Drama

Продолжительность 00:16:27

Страна Непал


THE REMAINS is a stream of consciousness progression of a hallucinatory experience of an old man .The old man living his last days in a small hut situated on the isolated riverbank has lost almost all the assets of his life .All he left is his aged skinny figure, an old hut and hazy childhood nostalgia which are also vanishing towards eternity gradually.The old man slowly paddles an old wooden boat in a mist covered river bank where he is frequently haunted by his childhood nostalgia. His own childhood image traps the old man in a fish net and they play a typical game on the riverbank. The senile old man hallucinates his own old hut vanished in the flame of fire, and his feeble body transformed into a gigantic fish.