Режиссёры Claudio Donati

Сценаристы Claudio Donati

Продюсеры Claudio Donati


Продолжительность 00:11:30

Страна Италия


In the thick of an ancient wood, in total solitude, a painter lives his labor as an artist. During the night, in a dream with enigmatic shades, he has the opportunity to meet a creature of the supersensible in the form of a woman. The meeting with the singular figure leads him to resume painting, throwing on the canvas the features of her. The meetings with the woman figure follow one another, but it belongs to another world, and just when the painter has now the need not to be abandoned by her, the woman leaves, leaving the man alone in the forest of his travails and of his illusions, going beyond the threshold of a shrine illuminated by true flashes, towards an indefinite elsewhere.