Vanishing White

Режиссёры Yoong Wah Alex Wong




Продолжительность 00:04:34

Страна Малайзия


Vanishing White arrest the moments of epic encounters of the frozen landscape, Lake Baikal. This video intend to investigate the exceptional formation and condition of the oldest and deepest existing fresh water lake on earth during the coldest period in winter (around minus twenty Celsius). It is believed to hold one fifth of the world’s fresh water. From far away distance, the white splashes seems like sea waves. However the entire lake surfaces freezes in winter, leaving the surrounding village a lifeless wonderland. In this search, the cracks, textures and broken pieces of ice forms the perfect intricate canvas. The frozen layers are moving, breaking, thawing, retreating and daunting, just as the frozen lake is solid on the surface, yet fragile when the water currents flows underneath it. These marvelous yet temporary ice layers vanishes as the temperature rises.