Режиссёры Ksenia Zueva

Сценаристы Ksenia Zueva

Продюсеры Darina Griboedova, Victor Stroilov


Продолжительность 00:29:00

Страна Россия


Two people meet at the funeral of a young man. They haven't seen each other before, but they experience strong feelings and emotions on the background of the turmoil, so they find themselves in one bed, captured with an inexplicable hot attraction to each other. They will spend togehter a few passionate days and nights in a strange erotic adventure, in a small apartment, isolated from the world and the reality, during which they will be a complete rethinking of life. Until finally one of them would not understand that obsession led them too far and the adventure takes a dangerous turn. Maybe one of them is not what they seemed at first glance.