Режиссёры Kyle Jumayne Francisco

Сценаристы Kyle Jumayne Francisco

Продюсеры Tin Velasco

Жанр Drama, LGBT

Продолжительность 00:13:49

Страна Филиппины


One morning, Bryan travels somewhere for a confirmation he has been dreading to know. He is forced to come home drained, exhausted, and melancholy that left him asking questions about where he can find and get back the joy he had before the mishap happened. Arvie, Bryan’s bestfriend, tries to help him seek for that loss in Bryan’s life. With Bryan’s intention of finding where to get back his old self, Arvie brings up an idea which will make Bryan think about the meaning of his questions.WHEREABOUTS delves on loss, identity and the search within one's self to find peace and redemption.