KURMAGHAR -a film Written & Directed By Avinash Shejwal


Сценаристы Avinash shejwal

Продюсеры Vaibhav Vishnu kadam


Продолжительность 00:16:03

Страна Индия


What is a Kurmaghar..Kurmaghar Which is made outside of Village, during their periods. Going on this custom, Women and Girls have to live in hut during their menstruation periods. This hut is called Kurmaghar , Gaokor and Khopadi. This film story is base on 14 year old girl, This young bride have no idea about menstruation & Kurmaghar because of it's her first time and she is very scared & confused. In the film you all are see how A girl suffer day and scary Night in hut during their period & what problems she faced !Problems in a kurmaghar ! *The nights are especially very scary in the kurmaghar. It is not uncommon for wild animals to make an appearance like snake and there have been reports of women dying from "snakebites" while staying in Kurmaghar.*“During the rainy season, it is all the more difficult to stay in a Kurmaghar because water comes inside and sometimes the roof leaks,*There have no light (a light used in the film just for cinematic look ),* no bed , Women usually sleep on the floor with just a thick sheet for a mattress, which is folded and used as a cushion during the day. Written & Directed by Produced by Avinash Shejwal Vaibhav Vishnu Kadamavinashshejwal90@gmail.com