"Come on, gurls!"

Режиссёры Juanlu Montoro, Gonçalo Brito

Сценаристы Juanlu Montoro

Продюсеры Mitxitxi Producciones

Жанр Drama, Friendship, Comedy

Продолжительность 00:10:00

Страна Испания


Two drag queens are getting ready in the dressing room of a club in Barcelona. They’ve been doing the damn show together so long they know each other inside out. They can’t even remember how many times they’ve torn each other apart in front of the audience, or tried to hook up with the cute boy in the front row, or killed themselves laughing during a performance. But tonight you can sense some bad vibes in the air. And just a few minutes before going on stage, one of the two has decided that before tonight’s show starts his friend owes him an explanation: "Why did you unfriend me on Facebook?"