The Communicator

Режиссеры Andrew Korolkov

Сценаристы Andrew Korolkov

Продюсеры Andrew Korolkov


Продолжительность 00:11:00

Страна Россия


Leonid. He lives easily, he easily makes someone do what he wants. He has unique skills of persuasion and hypnosis. What he does: seduces girls, starts fleeting acquaintances, and then leaves them, taking all of their money. Sometimes he just steals their money. Life is fun and at ease. So why in his eyes, behind a smile, lies sadness, even when he seduces the girls. Is he tired? And who is this man, what is following Him? Police? Jealous husband? It seems that he will not be able to avoid reckoning. Only a miracle will help him. But miracles do not happen.