Режиссёры Bilen Sevda Könen

Сценаристы Bilen Sevda Konen

Продюсеры Meral Celik, Betus Gunay, Bilen Sevda Konen


Продолжительность 00:17:38

Страна Турция


Dilara decides to go out that night. Although not having any issues with her existence till the day, Dilara starts finding flaws in herself after she was faced with a barrage of criticism from her flatmate Kübra about her apparel as she was getting ready to go out. Questioning and comparing herself with any woman she comes across or any woman embedded in her mind for any reason continuously drives Dilara towards a damaged self-esteem. A surprise ending awaits Dilara who gets back home late at night, exhausted with all these thoughts.