Banoffee Pie

Режиссеры Inderjit Bansel

Сценаристы Sarat Prakash, Karan Bansal

Продюсеры Inderjit Bansel, Dhruva Bansal, Karan Bansal, Front Foot Entertainment

Жанр Social, Drama

Продолжительность 00:14:43

Страна Индия


Change is a phenomenon that is easily accepted by some while strongly resisted by others. The upholders of Indian culture are constantly having a face-off with those that are influenced by the West. The story Banoffee Pie revolves around two individuals who meet at a café, like any other day, but end up interacting with such radical forces in the society. The couple's conversation is candid and thought-provoking; raising several questions in the way things are perceived by some people. As the events unfold, the story focuses on the possibility of how such perceptions could be dramatically wrong.