“At Dawn the Flowers Open the Gates of Paradise”

Режиссёры Elzbieta Piekacz

Сценаристы Elzbieta Piekacz

Продюсеры Cait Lyn Adamson, Ronen Eldar


Продолжительность 00:13:26

Страна Соединенное Королевство


“At Dawn the Flowers Open the Gates of Paradise” is a short drama film, which tells the story of losing yourself in the feeling of love.Akiko works in a central London hotel as a housekeeper where she finds refuge in a personal project. She is taking photographs of the hotel guests used bed sheets, which like sculpture printed by peoples sleeping and sleeplessness from the previous night. When she hears that the love of her life - Oskar has married, she builds from her photographs a kind of cocoon; an altar, on which she lies down, holding a ritual to free her spirit from the world which she cannot be reconciled. With the dawn of the next day, from Akiko’s open window; flies a white butterfly...