The Fluffies

Режиссёры vivian altman eberhard, sergio gambier campos

Сценаристы eduardo paiva

Продюсеры Limonka Criatividade Audiovisual Ldta-ME

Жанр fantasia, ficção, humor, comedia, pre escolar

Продолжительность 00:05:00

Страна Бразилия


Fluffy and Fluffette , "live" pieces of plush that live in aworld made of cloth. Their game is to transform into anything covered with plush: animals, plants, objects and even conceptsas joy, fear or will. In these transformations, they experience characteristics and problems of being each of these things:How do bats pee in bed? Do volcanoes have a stomach burn? Is joy a thing or a color? Feeling "on the skin" what it isbeing "the other", the characters deal with the notion of otherness and work on issues pertinent to the target audience universe.