Mister Ukraine. Competition with yourself

Режиссёры Bogdan Iusypchuk

Сценаристы Bogdan Iusypchuk

Продюсеры Bogdan Iusypchuk

Жанр Animated film, Documentary

Продолжительность 00:22:32

Страна Украина


Bogdan Iusypchuk is from a little town. He makes his childhood dream come true and gets the title of “Mister Ukraine”(the analogue of “Miss Ukraine” for women) Then he internationally represents Ukraine at the most prestigious contest for men in England, “Mister World 2014”, and is in top-10 men of the world. In the talent shows and “extreme challenge” he is in top-3 and top-4 finalists, showing one of the best results in the world.