Режиссеры Asif Rasheed

Сценаристы Afroz Khan and Asif Rasheed

Продюсеры Afroz Khan

Жанр Drama, Action

Продолжительность 00:20:00

Страна Канада


“CHOCOLATE” Is a 20.50 minute short film based on a true political event that occurred in the city of AYODHYA, INDIA in 1992. The Babri Masjid (a mosque) was destroyed and raised to the ground. This incident and the aftermath of riots affected normal citizens living in INDIA and abroad. The story takes you back to 1992 and revolves around two professional INDIANs Farhan and Manish who work in Canada, and are also roommates. The unfortunate political incident in INDIA, turns the table around and these two now get into a senseless fury that leads to the fatality of both, much against the teachings of their individual respective religion. The film also has Sara playing Farhan’s love interest who is devastated by this loss and Professor Liz who is a cross religion teacher that delivers the message of peace.