The Subtractor

Режиссёры Maria Tran

Сценаристы Maria Tran

Продюсеры Lena Nahlous, Kevin Bathman, Maria Tran, Phillip Kane, Guido Gonzales, Miranda Aguilar, Jaida Walker

Жанр Mockumentary, comedy, short

Продолжительность 00:08:50

Страна Австралия


Tran’s mockumentary The Subtractor beings when a Hollywood superhero movie arrives in Western Sydney, but questions are soon raised about assumptions of the movie-makers. ‘Things become questionable as the director, Ridley Whyte execute decisions that leave the lead actor ever more confused about his identity,’ says Tran. ‘In the meantime, a local activist is protesting on the production’s cultural appropriation practices.The Subtractor explores ingrained issues of appropriation and cultural stereotyping, and managing to throw in some laughs and kick-ass martial arts to boot. An inside look at an ugly side of an industry that prides itself on inclusion from an insider and a must-see for anyone interested in spotlighting barriers to inclusion in our creative sector.