Режиссёры Renat Karimov-Saiga

Сценаристы Renat Karimov-Saiga, Natal'ya Abramova

Продюсеры Milyausha Aytuganova


Продолжительность 00:28:21

Страна Россия


Once walking, a young mullah who is finishing his studies at a mosque notices a girl who arrived with her friends in the village. Vahid comes up to Sagida to introduce himself, and in the conversation with her he discovers a person with a soul mate, similar desires and aspirations. The couple gets married, but even after a few years she cannot have children because of health problems. Vahid prefers to confide in Destiny, while Sagida begins to notice his gradual alienation. To make Vahid happy, she decides to take a desperate step and offers her she-friend, who is secretly in love with her husband for a long time, to become a mother for his children, promising that she will step aside.