Режиссёры Kayleigh Gibbons

Сценаристы Kayleigh Gibbons

Продюсеры Richard Gordon

Жанр Comedy, Drama, Animation

Продолжительность 00:08:30

Страна Соединенное Королевство


A dark humoured and expressive character animation about a Father and Daughter coping with the loss of a central family member. Whilst grieving in a graveyard, the Daughter is disrupted by a blackbird defecating onto her Mother’s grave.A fire of rage lights up inside of her and she sets out to direct it in various violent ways, whilst the Father chooses to shut himself up in an agoraphobic state and ignore everything. Can they proceed as a new family, smaller yet stronger?Made by Jam Media, with the support of Northern Ireland Screen and the BFI.