Режиссёры Belangtelon Initiative

Сценаристы Cahyo Prayogo

Продюсеры Fiky Daulay

Жанр experimental, documentary, video, short

Продолжительность 00:05:17

Страна Индонезия


Looking at the world through a racing pigeon’s body, framing a suburban landscape of Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia) based on a massive properties expansion, staggering like a fighter jet that loses control onto runway. Sapu Angin takes off as a modest attempt in framing city narrative through adu doro (pigeon race gambling) in Surabaya. Childhood memory, dilemmas of pigeon racing events which, to date, are still affirmed as a gambling practice for urban working class society. Sapu Angin endeavours to respond the displacement of urban peripheries in dealing with a battlefield of ownership using a pigeon’s body perspective. By attaching a surveillance camera on the racing pigeon’s body flew back home to the pegupon (pigeon house). In the less than 5 minutes frames, consciously or not, the change of suburban landscape of Surabaya is vividly visible, in which how Surabaya as a city is now beautifying itself under the shadow of infrastructural development in the name of “future ideal housing”. Beyond the extravagance, tenacity and also the established “new social” class, the change slowly shifts the living space and original kampongs (villages) one by one. In the midst of infrastructural development whose directions become more unmeasurable, through the pigeon’s body, empty land becomes a signifier of how eviction spreads massively these days. Likewise the celebration of Demolition Party-on how empty land comes into “being” simply to be seized by existing buildings or those that will be erected on it, as a folded world. Sapu Angin asserts the narratives of massive and frightening land grabbing that is practiced very simply, trivially, and quotidian. The land grabbing is in fact precisely exploitative in the midst of abandonment from human, yet lucidly seen by other creatures (pigeons) that are also exploited for practices which are not less trivial, pigeon race gambling called adu doro.