Announcement of Terror

Режиссёры Jason Christian

Сценаристы Jason Christian

Продюсеры Melishia Christie Herliyanti


Продолжительность 00:10:49

Страна Индонезия


Approaching the announcement of 2019 - 2024 President and Vice Presidential Election results, Rike and Rony are on the verge of their wedding preparation for next week and they are ready to carry out their wedding reception. After a long day of wedding preparation, Rony accompany Rike’s way back home. Rike’s dad opened the door for them with fear across his face and command them to get inside right away. Abruptly Rike’s dad forced Rike to go abroad with him, in the likelihood of unsafe conditions. Rike strongly denied his request, because she needs to prepare her wedding reception for next week and she’s insuring that nothing bad will happen to them. fail to do so he kept on forcing her to go with him abroad right then and there to save themselves. Are they going to run away to save themselves? What causes Dad to be so paranoid? What’s going to happen to Rike and Ronny’s wedding?