Son Of Mother Earth

Режиссеры Mahesh P Makwana

Сценаристы Mahesh P Makwana

Продюсеры Maru Movies & Music Entertainment Production

Жанр Fiction, Environment, Drama

Продолжительность 00:07:57

Страна Индия


Son of Mother Earth - synopsis : We consider the earth we live in as our Mother Earth and there is an famous saying that " The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" The farmer is considered the "Son of the soil - Mother Earth" and he relentlessly toils in the agricultural fields so that there is food on the plates of the children of this Mother Earth , sadly the irony is that most often there is a scarcity of food in his own plate. But why?? Why is he struggling in his quest to do so?? Leaving him helpless and starving and making life difficult for him?? This short film metaphorically illustrates how the Mother Earth is being sowed with unethical usage of modern day technology that is ruining mankind. The farmer while trying to sow is only finding gadgets, ammunition , contaminated water and air polluting objects buried in the womb of Mother Earth. The message is that we need to save Mother Earth and in the bargain save the son of the Mother Earth the farmer and the whole mankind. #Savemotherearth#Savethefarmer