Продолжительность 00:25:31

Страна Индия


DURATTO (DISTANCE) synopsisAbir is an engineering student. Just the day before his birthday he was returning to village home from his hostel. In the bus he meets his college batch mate Imran, sitting just next to him. Because of the recent social scenario, Abir has started hating the Muslims. Imran gets a call from home where he comes to know there has been a blast at the station. Imran informs Abir about this. As soon as Abir comes to know about this , he spits out poison against Muslim terrorism.The two friends also squabbled on this. After sometime the bus stops a little far from the station. The bus is not going to move anymore because of curfew in the city.A little far away from the bus road the two friends Abir and Imran wait at a quiet place. Train service was also disrupted. Neither could Abir return home nor could he get back to his hostel. Imran requests Abir to spend the night at his place, but Abir disagrees. Sometime later, Imran's elder brother comes on his bike to receive Imran. When he came to know about Abir from his younger brother, the both compel Abir to go to their place.The family members of Imran greets Abir very cordially and shows him a lot of warmth. But in spite of that Abir consistently feels that he has entered into a situation which is hatching conspiracy against him. Trivial matters in the family appears to him suspicious and threatening. He starts acting as if he is sick and lies down on the bed all alone in a room, The door of which he latches very securely. He can't sleep as he is sheerly panic stricken.Its 12o'clock and somebody knocks at the door. somebody calls him. Abir feels threatened and sticks close to the wall. The knocks get stronger and louder. A helpless Abir grips a cricket bat firmly and opens the door with a bold pull. Abir is astonished after this.The whole family of Imran stands with a cake and gifts to greet Abir on his birthday.