Режиссёры Tanmay Nag

Сценаристы Tanmay Nag & Dr. Sumita Chatterjee

Продюсеры Amar Bhattacharya

Жанр Drama

Продолжительность 00:12:49

Страна Индия


Three men are playing cards. They are gambling for the greed of power, wealth and religion based superiority. The have surpassed their innocence, loving mentality and humanity to be the most powerful human being on the earth which leads all of them to destruction. And as they are moving towards destruction, the girl, symbol of love and humanity becomes alone. The children, symbols of innocence, are depressed and they are not free to move out on this earth because of this human behaviour which is based on greed of materialistic things. But, if human beings are living with love, humanity and innocence, the world would change and life on the earth will be increased peacefully and with the same we can create a beautiful ambiance to live for the next generation.