Режиссёры S.J. van Breda

Сценаристы S.J. van Breda

Продюсеры Benjamin Janicki

Жанр Experimental, Drama, Music

Продолжительность 00:03:05

Страна Канада


A woman kneels in a crumbling ruin and wakes, as if from a dream, to see the wasteland surround her. Without warning, a young girl appears, reaching out to the woman and beckoning her to follow. She has something to show her.The woman follows the girl as she runs through all manner of different landscapes; more crumbling ruins, de-saturated forests, and desolate fields. Eventually, the woman catches up to the girl. For the first time, she glimpses what the girl is trying to show her; a reality that she struggles to accept. Eventually, she rejects itThe girl beckons her once more; reaching her hand out to the woman, begging her to see. The woman follows the girl once again, though she is more hesitant this time. The girl eventually leads the woman to a decrepit barn, where she is confronted by the girl’s dead body. Shocked, she tries to run, but is then confronted with the truth - she is the one who is dead. Both the girl and the woman’s experiences mingle, colliding in a black and red void of memory and denial. Eventually, the woman has to accept the fact that she and the girl are one and the same, and the pair hold hands and face the future.The woman wakes in the barn once again and the cycle begins anew. Will she change it this time?