Режиссёры Scott F. Hall, McClaine Timmerman

Сценаристы Scott F. Hall, McClaine Timmerman

Продюсеры Scott F. Hall, McClaine Timmerman

Жанр Environmentalism, Video art, Sound art, Dance film, Activism, Nature, Feminism, Ecology, Sustainability, Art

Продолжительность 00:05:39

Страна Соединенные Штаты


“Convolvulus” is a 5 minute and 39 second video with stereo sound featuring McClaine Timmerman and Scott F. Hall reflecting on contemporary ecological concerns. The title references the twining plant which is alternatively exterminated as an invasive weed or cultivated as a decorative vine. The contradictory treatment of this plant epitomizes our capricious conduct toward nature, but also suggests its resilience and ultimate victory.The action follows the movements of Timmerman as she convolutes on, around, underneath, and beside a fallen yet living oak. A sense of ancientness and decay is conveyed both by the visual and sonic texture of the story: shot entirely in brown monochrome and supported by Hall’s melancholy musical performance on fretless contrabass guitar, the piece awakens archetypes of animism with its correspondences between human and arboreal arms, legs, and torsos. Yet “Convolvulus” proposes more than tree anthropomorphism and a sympathy between human and non-human. While both the aged oak and the young woman appear fragile, the film gradually reveals that their vulnerability is deceptive. Their limbs are sturdy and pliable. They will survive the winter of humanity to emerge renewed in a springtime without people.