The Wasted Effort

Режиссёры Muhammed Bozbey

Сценаристы Muhammed Bozbey

Продюсеры Muhammed Bozbey, HaricAdam Production

Жанр Drama, Experimental, Documentary, Fiction, Feature, Short

Продолжительность 00:05:00

Страна Турция


Attila lives alone in a small town and finds a lira while walking on the road. Attila then uses a lira to buy a loaf of bread from the oven and returns to his home. At his house, he starts to prepare lunch. He sits down with the lunch he made and the bread he got from the bakery. After eating half of the bread, he decides to rest a little. Half of the bread on the table is stale after a day. When Attila sees the bread stale on the table, he throws it in the trash. After he throws the bread in that trash, time flows backward. All details are shown, from making bread in the oven to planting wheat in the ground. The farmer spreads wheat on the ground. And then a few wheat grains fall on the side of the road. At another time, one lira falls on the roadside wheat grains.