The One Love Project

Режиссёры Edie Paczkowski

Сценаристы Edie Paczkowski

Продюсеры Edie Paczkowski, Jared Spires


Продолжительность 00:10:00

Страна Соединенные Штаты


The One Love Project explores the story of a young survivor of an unhealthy relationship by examining her experience through real people. Individuals of a variety of genders and ages read the survivor’s story aloud to a camera in order to demonstrate how one person’s experience can have an impact that is relatable to all. The story starts by describing the survivor’s abuse before focusing on how she coped and dealt with the life-changing impacts. The readers of the story are tracked for their emotional responses, and then are asked questions about the story to conclude the reading. The readers' responses to the questions are meant to illuminate how common and heartbreaking this issue can be while examining their own experiences with relationship violence.