The Lake -FC20

Режиссёры Edward Kowzan

Сценаристы Edward Kowzan, Ray Bradbury

Продюсеры Edward Kowzan


Продолжительность 00:19:56

Страна Россия


Twelve-year-old Harold with his mother comes to the lake before moving far to the West. He goes into the water and calls his beloved girl named Tally, who drowned some time ago. Harold yearns for his first love and tries to return it. He believes that Tally hears him, but the lake does not allow her to answer. Harold builds half the sand castle, the same as they used to build together. He tries to lure Tally out of the lake so that she can help him complete the sand castle to the end. But the lake mercilessly to his attempts and destroys his hopes, as the waves destroy the sand castle. Ten years later, Harold and his wife Margaret come to the city of childhood, where he suddenly receives an answer to his call.