The Fountain

Режиссёры Ivanova(Khodjayeva) Gulnara Shukhratovna

Сценаристы Ivanova(Khodjayeva) Gulnara Shukhratovna

Продюсеры the Center of Development of Cinematography of Uzbekistan


Продолжительность 00:14:00

Страна Узбекистан


SynopsysThe story takes place near the oldest fountain of Tashkent. Exactly, in construction of this fountain the grandfather of our hero took part after war. But the little boy never saw his grandpa. And his mother said that if he asked his grandpa for something here, near the fountain, his grandfather would definitely hear him. Because, there is a grandfather's soul in this fountain. And in the difficult moments of his life our hero comes here. And there are events takes place, which change his life. It's like that his grandfather is hearing his request, hurries to fulfill it. But our hero's life is slowly passing here, near the fountain. He gets older and complains less. And once, when he became a grandfather too, he finally thanked his fountain