The Lonely Gnome

Режиссёры Adil Alpakın

Сценаристы Dylan Ware, Ayşe Naz Baykal

Продюсеры Dylan Ware


Продолжительность 00:04:46

Страна Новая Зеландия


A short and essentially silent film designed to accompany The Infinity Chamber's eerie, psychedelic ode to creativity, The Lonely Gnome (2018).A man wakes, the tattered remnants of his dreams fall upon him, and lie scattered about the floor in pieces and fragments of poetry.He walks to his balcony where he discovers and collects a mysterious object from a birds nest.He performs his songs on stage in a bar, watched by only a few fairly impassive people.He walks the urban streets of Istanbul alone at night, where he is halted by the hand of a beautiful Gypsy, who delivers him another small object, and disappears.He sits in his home, in front of a television, and sips something from a vial, which appears to transport him to another place...He wakes, muddy, and with his clothes in tatters, on a river bank; there is an object in his palm.He roams the idyllic countryside in the sunlight.He comes upon a forest, in the twilight, where he discovers, and drinks another vial of strange blue liquid.Suddenly an apparition - a unicorn-woman - appears, and beckons him onward.  He follows...She hands him an object.Later, in his home again, he quietly assembles his collection of objects into a small gnome figure.The morning arrives, and it is suggested that the cycle is primed to repeat, the gnome draws itself together.It tells a story of artistic creation (in this case probably of songwriting); of a quiet, contemplative, solitary, and somewhat Bohemian existence, and the gathering of 'pieces' from the experiences life involves, unaware of what exactly it is one is working towards, and the subsequent fitting of them together into something coherent, that, art being what it is, may well evolve to take on a life of its own; the gnome.  It is a tale of birth, and quiet joy.