Режиссёры Lili Vajda

Сценаристы Dóra Ábrahám, Anita Tomor, Zsuzsa Öhm

Продюсеры Jenő Hódi, Bodor Miklós, Attila Szamosvári, Ferenc Iván Szabó

Жанр Drama, Mystery

Продолжительность 00:11:00

Страна Венгрия


A young woman is seen approaching a house. The clock chimes six, and the house’s occupant, Beatrice, stands to look out the window. She spots the woman, who is watching her. As they lock eyes, the woman is almost hit by a passing car on the road, narrowly saved by Beatrice’s husband, Robert. Robert comes in, and the two wonder at the strange woman. However, Beatrice has a surprise, and after Robert changes clothes, she presents him with a small bag. After looking inside the bag, he understands. Beatrice reminds him that he asked her to buy him a pair of baby shoes when she fell pregnant. The couple celebrate, interrupted when the phone rings. Robert answers, and almost simultaneously the doorbell is heard. Beatrice goes to the door, finding no one, only a small golden gift on the doorstep. Inside, Robert tells Beatrice that it is her gynaecologist on the phone, and she makes an appointment for the next morning. Meanwhile, Robert notices the gift, and the pair open it. They find an impossible photograph: of the couple, holding a newborn baby. The next morning, they get in the car to go to the appointment. They still have no explanation for the photograph. Robert cautions Beatrice to warn him if he sees the mysterious woman again. Beatrice reminisces about her engraved watch, a gift from Robert. He says that it will belong to their own child one day. They return from the doctor’s appointment. Beatrice is distraught, having heard the news that she may die if she carries the baby to term. Later, the clock strikes six again, and Beatrice sees the young woman walking away from the house. There is a new gift on the doorstep, inside which are some pills. Beatrice chases down the woman and confronts her. The woman insists that Beatrice take the pills, she is only trying to help. Beatrice notices that the watch the woman is wearing is identical to her own; including the same engraving. As she is accusing the woman of stealing it, Robert arrives. The woman disappears. Beatrice goes inside to find her watch, but can’t. She insists to Robert that the woman has been inside the house, and stolen her watch. Later, Beatrice ponders the photograph again. Robert enters with a new gift. They open it, and find a card, along with a flash drive. In the card is written, ‘If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?’ On the flash drive is a video file. They watch it, and the scene is from after Beatrice has given birth in the hospital. It shows the couple with the baby, and Beatrice suddenly dying from complications. The clock chimes six.Beatrice rushes out the door. She chases down the young woman, and demands to know who she is and what she wants. The woman only says that she wants to help, and after a heated argument, reveals that Beatrice dies because of her. A car appears down the road. The woman pushes Beatrice out of the way, and is seemingly hit by the vehicle. Robert rushes onto the scene, and Beatrice asks the driver where her daughter is, the woman. The driver has no idea what she is talking about. There is no trace of the woman, except Beatrice’s watch lies on the road.